News update to all Mailers:

M.O.V.E. Updates are in full swing now. Mailers "must use addresses that were updated NO earlier than 95 days prior to the date of mailing" according to the US Post Office.

The choices a mailer can make now to fulfill this requirement are as follows:

1) NCOA (National Change of Address)
2) Ancillary Notices
a) Change Service Requested
b) Return Service Requested
c) Temp-Return Service Requested
d) Electronic Service Requested

Other methods the US Postoffice will accept are:

    1) FAST forward
    2) Once code ACS
    3) Alternative Methods (such as Current Resident)
    4) Alternative Address Format (simplified mail)
     5) or multiple combinations

Not conforming to these requirements can cause your mail to be delayed or halted all together. Please check with your IT Dept or List provider to see where your data stands or, you may call us and we can assist you too.

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